Ziv’s SLAPP suit strengthens the contentions against him

Israeli media criticism journal The 7th Eye has published an article entitled “Is calling someone ‘racist’ expressing an opinion or stating a fact?”, their second article about the SLAPP suit against David Sheen. Reporting on the proceedings at the pre-trial court session of 9 November 2017, Persico notes:

“Per the judge, the very fact that the lawsuit is being conducted [by Ziv] strengthens Sheen’s contentions against Ziv and presents them for public debate.”

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AlterNet: Lawsuit ‘signals Israel’s War on Free Speech’

The New York City-based progressive news site Alternet has published an article by writer Rob Bryan entitled, “Lawsuit by notoriously brutal Israeli ex-commander against journalist David Sheen signals Israel’s war on free speech”.

Drawing parallels to other recent legal cases – from Harvey Weinstein to Hulk Hogan – the piece concludes with an astute observation about SLAPP suits generally, and the one targeting Sheen specifically:

When the truth comes out on platform after platform, both large and small, lawsuits can’t do much to stop it. You can’t sue everyone, even if you’re Israel Ziv… it’s only natural for him to treat David Sheen as an existential threat.

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David Sheen named a ‘Human Rights Defender’

In recognition of his journalist work, Front Line Defenders named David Sheen a “Human Rights Defender” at its biennal conference, held this year in Dublin, Ireland on October 17-19.

At the 2017 Dublin Platform, Sheen gave this testimony about the work of human rights defenders in Israel:

Those who expose the racism animating the government’s policies, and who campaign for democratic alternatives, are labeled as traitors – or, if they’re Jewish, as race-traitors. We suffer attacks on our professional reputations, attacks on our financial sustainability, and attacks on our physical bodies. We are maligned and blacklisted, sued for libel in the courts and assaulted in the streets. Despite these dangers, we continue to blow the whistle on injustices we witness.

In receiving this honor, Sheen became the first person from Israel to be thus recognized in a decade.



Daily Dot on ‘daunting defamation lawsuit’

The Austin, Texas-based digital culture journal The Daily Dot has published an article by reporter David Gilmour entitled “Independent journalist faces daunting defamation lawsuit”, about the lawsuit against David Sheen.

The piece quotes Sheen speaking about the chilling effect that these type of SLAPP suits have on journalists working in Israel:

Watching their colleagues get dragged into court for simply doing their jobs provides a powerful incentive for fellow Israeli journalists to censor themselves, for fear of drawing fire.

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