Media Coverage

Articles and videos relevant to Israel Ziv’s lawsuit against journalist David Sheen:

The 7th EyeNovember 2017
Is calling someone “racist” expressing an opinion or stating a fact?

AlternetNovember 2017
Lawsuit by Israeli ex-commander against journalist David Sheen
signals Israel’s war on free speech

The Daily DotSeptember 2017
Independent journalist faces daunting defamation lawsuit

HaaretzSeptember 2017
Libel Law – Amending the amendment

MeaznAugust 2017
እወ፡ ኣብ ጎድኒ ዳቪድ ሺን ደው ክብል ወሲነ እየ!

Electronic IntifadaAugust 2017
Journalist David Sheen faces lawsuit from Israeli general Israel Ziv

Mondiaal NieuwsAugust 2017
Journalist aangeklaagd voor onthulling over Israëlische generaal

JacobinAugust 2017
Power to Truth

The New ArabAugust 2017
The only democracy in the Middle East? Not without free speech

The 7th EyeJuly 2017
Disgusting racism or negligent journalism

News 1March 2017
General Ziv versus a Filmmaker

Electronic IntifadaJanuary 2017
Netanyahu openly boasts of Israel’s war on Africans

Army RadioDecember 2016
Dekel-Segal interview with Israel Ziv

Channel 2December 2016
The Israeli Project supporting the Sudanese Dictator

Local CallNovember 2016
Major General Israel Ziv, in response to a Local Call investigation

Local CallOctober 2016
What’s the connection between Israel Ziv and the South Sudanese regime?