Media Links

A list of relevant media publications relating to Israel Ziv and his lawsuit against journalist David Sheen:

ARTICLE • Jacobin • August 2017
Power to Truth

ARTICLE • The New Arab • August 2017
The only democracy in the Middle East? Not without free speech, it’s not

ARTICLE • The 7th Eye • July 2017
Disgusting racism or negligent journalism

ARTICLE • Electronic Intifada • January 2017
Netanyahu openly boasts of Israel’s war on Africans

VIDEO • Israel Army Radio • December 2016
Interview with Israel Ziv

VIDEO • Israel Channel 2 • December 2016
The Israeli Project supporting the Sudanese Dictator

ARTICLE • Local Call • November 2016
Major General (Res.) Israel Ziv, in response to a Local Call investigation: In southern Sudan, I am only involved in an agricultural project

ARTICLE • Local Call • October 2016
What’s the connection between Emmanuel Rosen, Major General (Res.) Israel Ziv and the South Sudanese regime?

ARTICLE • Mako • November 2013
Who’s Against Who? / Enemies, A Love Story