Some of the signatories to the letter of support for fellow journalist David Sheen have also added their own testimonials. Below are some of the endorsements that Sheen has received:

Chris Hedges:
As the former Middle East Bureau Chief for the New York Times who spent seven years in the region, two of them in Israel, I am deeply disturbed by this defamation suit brought against David Sheen. This suit is part of a broader campaign by the Israeli government to harass and silence the free press in Israel. It includes unwarranted attacks on courageous Israeli and Palestinian journalists as well as the foreign press, as illustrated by the recent decision to ban Al Jazeera.

David Leach:
David Sheen has done some of the most original and important investigative journalism in Israel over the past 10 years. His vital voice must not be silenced.

Ben Norton:
This suit against David Sheen is clearly politically motivated and frivolous, and will only serve to chill free speech and infringe on the rights of journalists. It should be thrown out.

Rory O’Neill:
This legal action is a clear attempt to silence the press. The wealthy and corrupt should not be able to use the courts to cover up their abuses.

Richard Silverstein:
I stand in solidarity with David Sheen against the powerful, corrupt and warmakers.

Philip Weiss:
Sheen is a brave journalist working to document racism and intolerance and deserves global support from colleagues.

Asa Winstanley:
David is a brilliant, careful and meticulous journalist. His work is a scourge to injustice everywhere, which is why this lawsuit is being brought by a perpetrator of injustice. Full solidarity with my friend and colleague David Sheen.